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. the cia and state department are fighting with each other. i think this is much ado about not much. maybe there was some politics involved but i do not see a scandal. >> one of our panelists have written we have evidence of a cover-up of a cover-up. would somebody explain to me what crime is being covered up? >> that is the worst part of this. unlike in watergate where there was a crime, with the state department wanted to do was to obscure the idea it had neglected the warnings about the security that there was a memo before the attack, libya saying we have to have help. there is also a question of nothing in done, no attempted rescue and the idea that somehow help would not have arrived in time. how do you know help is not going to arrive in time. you do not know it is going to be seven hours and not 17 hours. they want to obscure what had happened and to spin it as a spontaneous thing rather than a terror attack. and the neglect, if that were the fact that came out. that is why it is not only a turf war, it was a turf war over a story. the story was intended in order to cover the negle
that there were 12 iterations of the talking points. as the c.i.a. weighed in, as the state department weighed in and as the white house weighed in. and what we knew about this controversy is the white house had said that only one word had been changed in these talking points. now, these are the talking points that inform susan rice when she went on tv the u.n. ambassador, the sunday after this attack and informed the world about what the administration knew. president said this is a side show. no, this is about what the spokesperson for the administration told the world everybody in the administration believed. it is the show. gwen: the show is that -- as is always the case these days, or it has been the case for some years, that it was about the cover-up, not about the actual crime. >> well, yes. but there are two different kinds of cover-ups which is why it gets complicated. the main cover-up is this was not a spontaneous operation. it was a planned terrorist attack. what we learned this week when the emails were finally released by the white house, under pressure, because they had been lea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2